Small Heading

I’ve always wondered if the people of long ago had more fun than us. Before photo cameras became the must have accessory of all our goings and doings, people were capturing memories with pencils, brushes and ink. In prominent families an artist might be hired to depict a trip or a party, and no gentleman or gentlewoman's education seemed to be complete without the skills of drawing and watercolor painting.


About a year ago I took part in "The Cabins,” a multidisciplinary retreat in Connecticut brilliantly organized by writer Courtney Maum, and while there I took it as an opportunity to become such an artist. I loved it! I left Connecticut with a book filled with drawings and comics of the retreat and since then I continued to capture events and travels in my sketchbooks.

Currently I am working on short graphic stories about people, places, art, travel, parenting, occasional politics and scary crazy Russians. To subscribe to Real Time in Ink stories:

My first story, Not Like Thelma & Louise, can now be seen at Medium: